This is the eerie sound of Tayport Harbour on a stormy day in January 2019. The yacht's rigging sound like a gamelan joined by wind tones coming from the sea.

This is a selection of some of the basic elements that will go into the Drift installation,


'Emancipation' is a response to the global struggle for change and the extraordinary courage necessary to achieve it. The piece is created from the sounds of protest - protest against climate change, collapsing economies, corruption and the desire for democracy. Part 1 Of Hope and Dreams Starting with one voice of dissent over dissonant tones, more pockets of resistance emerge. As the voices get louder, two orchestras try to tune but never harmonise, representing the gap between state and the people. The former coughs nervously as it realises it may no longer be on the winning side. Manipulated sounds of doors opening and closing imply gunfire or the paranoid fumbling of locks, as the wheels of government are threatened for the first time. Representing the huge contribution that technology has made to organised dissent, by educating people of their state of existence, is the beating rhythm of cell phone feedback. The rhythm starts to consolidate the voices of the people. and we enter a dream sequence of messages from government, reflecting their state of denial.The hopeless of ambassadors of the old guard as they try to placate the people shows how out of touch they are with the new protesters. Their lies are exposed and the mood changes to one of realisation that their days are numbered and huge change is coming. Tectonic plates of sound shake the worlds of the oppressors as the dissent grows to a crescendo and the walls of oppression are finally broken down. In the panic and exuberance of the chaos that follows, again we hear the state broadcasts trying to placate, but they are finally silenced. Part 2 Joy The sounds of celebration and choreographed singing of joy. The vocal parts are made from fragments of field recordings of protest. Part 3 Prey (state of emergency) Ruptured sounds of slowed down metal shutters represent destruction and the realisation that the war isn't completely won. Sounds of distant bombing and official voices start to disturb the serenity of the singers. They sing a final requiem until silenced by the toss of a coin.