Wills is a highly accomplished player and his use of loops and samples creates a wall of sound that a full-blown band might struggle to craft. ’ David Prater The Herald ****


’ Timeless, extraordinary......... the product of a potent musical chemistry. ' Mike Barnes ,THE WIRE


'This is more than just music, you think to yourself as you step out into the still night air and turn the collar of your trench coat up against the cold, noticing it’s finally stopped raining. It’s a different way to experience music. Something that takes you on a journey into dark places, something you can’t quite leave behind as you walk the cobbled streets with the soundtrack still there in your weary head. You feel like you’ve been let into a dangerous world and maybe you can’t escape it now… maybe it will lure you back.'          Emma Gibson, Broadway Baby




Stand up to Racism



  I have released a new piece of music and made a film to raise money for the charity, Stand up to Racism, The film shows Donald Trump explaining his 'Travel Ban' with the original audience replaced by a child. It is an incredibly striking image and carries the strap line, Racism is something you learn, not something you are born with. The music is titled 'Fear Itself' and is an ambient, ten minute piece for voices, clarinet, accordion, fog horn, tugboat and springs.I'm offering this piece of music for a minimum of £1.00 through Bandcamp and will donate all proceeds to the cause.Bandcamp link